Debunk 4 lies to Improve Your Money Mindset

Improve your Money Mindset

Debunk 4 lies to Improve Your Money Mindset

Money is either a blessing or a curse. And believe it or not, it doesn’t entirely depend on how much you have. Debunking these four lies will improve your money mindset regardless of how much money you have in the bank.

I have heard so many times that “once I have enough money, then…. I’ll be happy, I will take care of my body, I’ll contribute to society, I’ll travel the world, etc.”

While money can make some of those things like traveling easier, money is not the catalyst for happiness and shouldn’t be the excuse not to live your best life now.

Yet, we can’t escape the fact that we need money to live. That is the very reason most people get out of bed in the morning or go to college because they need to make money.

It keeps us involved and part of a community to help others.

4 Lies About Money We Tell Ourselves

1 • Money Defines My Worth

A fabulous example of the lie of the belief that money gives you value is from the book Get Out of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis. In the first chapter, he debunks the idea that having a great job, making good money, and having all the material things that make you look “successful” is all you need to be successful. He learned the hard way that those are not the things that measured his success.

To improve his money mindset, he learned his individual value came from being true to himself, being ok with personal flaws, and how to cope with life healthily. He, like all of us, is not defined by the clothes we wear, the car we drive, fake nails, hair and eyelash extensions, or any other material thing we have told ourselves gives us value.

That seems to be one of the gifts this terrible Covid-19 has given us. A chance to let down some of the masks we wear so you can rediscover who you really are.

“Some people are so poor that all they have is money”


Truth: I have infinite value no matter how much money is in the bank. My stuff does not give me value.

2 • Someday I Will Make a Lot of Money

I hate to break it to you but someday is not an actual day. There is nothing real about someday. If you find yourself using that word, it may be a good time to ask what you are truly wanting.

“When I say “someday I will work-out and get into shape,” what I am really saying I don’t value working out enough right now. I prefer to eat my comfort foods and am not ready for that change.

So many times we hide the truth with the word someday. We are scared that if people knew the real us maybe they won’t like us. Perhaps they will think I am lazy or inadequate if they knew I sat on the couch eating cookies all day or that I was up to my knees in credit card debt.

The more our actions and internal beliefs align, the better we feel being our true authentic selves.

If you want to make more money, the time to start is now whether that looks like working harder at your job for a promotion or even looking for other work opportunities that pay more or give chances for growth.

Building financial stability is not an overnight project and takes a combination of skills that include discipline and an improved money mindset to achieve.

Truth: I am in control of my finances and can learn how to be disciplined with my money today, so I can build considerable savings for my financial future tomorrow.

3• I Will be Happy WHEN I Have More Money

A good indicator of how your future will look is from the lens you view your past.

If you have a broke and victim mentality, then there is a good chance you will continue that cycle of thinking or behavior. People don’t just change by accident. It takes conscious effort to realize you are the only thing getting in your way of happiness. In fact, your attitude, and effort are the ONLY two things you CAN control.

If you are waiting to have enough money in the bank before you can let yourself feel joy, then you are wasting precious hours in a life that is already short on time.  The average lifespan is around 78 years! That’s it! You guys, happiness is never something to put off! You deserve it right now no matter how your finances look.

Truth: I am happy now because I love myself. There are no external factors that can add to or take away from my internal peace and happiness.

4 • Saving Money Isn’t Fun

In the beginning, saving money might be difficult. Change can be a painful process. A process with sacrifices and saying NO to the things you want at the moment.

It is important to remember that stressing about money is not fun either. Questioning whether you have enough to pay bills and feeling financially out of control is draining.

When you say saving money isn’t fun, it’s because you haven’t saved long enough to reap the rewards of saving money.

For instance, with anything that requires growth and change like working out, going back to school, learning an instrument or language, planting a fruit tree, you may not see immediate results but the rewards are coming.

Most people give up just before the reward because they can’t see the results from their efforts.

Like hard work, the fun part of saving money is just around the corner.

Having zero debt and 6 months’ worth of savings is just the start of the fun fruits saving money has to offer.

However, there is nothing better than having the freedom to DECIDE what you want to save for next. Whether it’s saving for college for your kids or planning a dream family vacation, the sky is the limit.

Truth: Saving money is an investment in real, long-term fun. It is trading what you want at the moment (instant gratification) for what you want most in life.

Find Out More About Your Money Mindset

Just like everything in life, being able to get your money under control is a mind game. Get started by asking yourself these questions. These will help you begin to understand what limiting beliefs you currently have about money and from where they came.

• How do I feel when I have an abundance of money compared to when I am broke?

• What were my parents beliefs about money and how did they handle their finances?

• Who am I trying to impress? My parents, neighbors, coworkers, or spouse?

• How are my feelings similar or different to my family and friends feel about money?

Getting honest with yourself about these questions will help you unlock the answers to why managing money has been so complicated and ways to open your mind to a new and improved money mindset.

As mentioned above, money is a huge factor in what makes the world go round. It won’t be going away anytime soon. The sooner we can take back control over our finances, the better off we will be!

Do you have a friend or family member that believes one of these lies?

Share it and help them today!

P.S. Now that you have conquered these 4 lies to improve your money mindset, check out How to Save Money on food when living paycheck to paycheck, or 15 Simple Way to Save Money

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Hey! It's Dawn

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