7 Jobs That Pay You To Work Out

Get Paid to Work Out
Get Paid to Work Out

Want to get your work out in but can’t find the time? Get paid to work out!

When is the last time you made 30 minutes for yourself to go for a walk? Finding time to work out can be difficult. Not because you don’t want to, but because when you wake up until you go to sleep, days are usually jam-packed with kids, meals, cleaning, work, and laundry. Have you ever hid in the closet or bathroom just for 5 min of alone time? You might be hiding now just to read this article. I get it!

Us moms’ are great at finding more efficient ways of doing life. Often it’s not the bug changes but the little mind shifts. So why not find a job that pays you to work out? If you are looking to make money and get in shape, here are a few options to get you started.

This is a money-making work out you can’t afford NOT to do!

What is considered a workout?

There are a few components to working out that are beneficial for the body, such as strength training and muscle endurance, flexibility, and aerobic or cardiovascular health. Intentional activity to elevate your heart rate is considered exercise. The standard goal is 30 min of intentional movement every day.

Exercise can range from light, moderate to intense. A good way to tell what level of exercise you are in is how well you can talk through the activity. If you are not breaking a sweat and can carry on a conversation, you are doing a light physical activity such as a brisk walk or leisure bike ride. If you are short of breath and are perspiring, then you have reached moderate to intense exercise.

Make sure you check with your doctor first and are aware of your physical limits before getting a job working out.

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7 ways to make money working out:

1- Yard Work

Yard work is a great way to get outside and burn calories. How many calories can you burn doing yard work? It all depends on our age, size, gender, height, and body fat percentage. However, here are some examples of how many calories you can expect to burn per hour, beautifying people’s yards.

On average, from the myfitnesspal calorie counter:

  • Shoveling snow: 400 calories per hour
  • Heavy yard work (mulching, digging, laying sod): 300-700 calories per hour
  • Raking leaves: 200-400 calories per hour
  • Gardening (pulling weeds, planting flowers): 200-400 calories per hour
  • Mowing the lawn: 300-400 calories per hour

So get your full body work out while soaking up the sun and making money! Not only does this job pay you to work out, but here are a few more benefits to consider when working outside.

2- Moving Furniture

Do you like to lift weights? This money-making workout is in more of the muscle strength and endurance section. Yes, you will get some cardio going up and down the stairs, but the main focus for having a job moving furniture is getting muscles.

How many calories can you burn moving furniture? On average, you’re looking at burning approximately 250 calories per hour with a furniture moving job. Considering the factors that contribute to weight loss, a 150 lbs person can burn almost 400 calories per hour.

3- Weight Loss App

Want to straight-up get paid for losing weight?

There are companies out there ready to help you put your money where your mouth is.

You basically place a bet on yourself to achieve your goals. The more weight you lose, the higher the winnings. Here are the best websites that pay you to lose weight.

Check out healthywage.com and dietbet.com

4- House Cleaner

Cleaning a house is an excellent way to fit in your daily exercise while paying the bills. What chores burn the most calories? Mopping, vacuuming, dusting, washing the floors and windows are all calories burnin’ jobs.

A quick and easy way to find house cleaning opportunities near you is Care.com. They provide a platform for individuals looking for personal house cleaners. You can set your price and find the right job for you!

5-Walking Dogs

Walking a dog can burn, on average, 200 calories per hour. If your dogs are walking you, then you can burn much more. Depending on the size and temperament of the dog, that will determine how many calories are burned.

The goal is to get your heart rate up. Even if you find yourself needing to run around and actively play with them, it will be worth getting your 30 minutes in for the day. Where do I get started?

Rover.com is a great place to start. They offer boarding, sitting, walking, daycare, and drop-in visits for Dogs and Cats.

Care.com is another great option. It provides care for a wide variety of animals and services that include boarding (at caregiver’s home), pet sitting (at the owners’ home), walking, and training.

6-Fitness Instructor

Now this is a job that pays you to literally work out.

You better believe those Zumba, Barre, High Fitness, and Yoga instructors are getting a workout in. When some people’s goals are to do 3 classes a week, they teach 2-3 classes a day and get paid! Yes, you heard me right. Talk about energy.

This is a great opportunity to make money for a class you would already pay for.

Of course, there is more to being a fitness instructor then only showing up and working out. It takes a self-disciplined, entrepreneurial mindset to be a successful instructor. Hours of song preparation, choreography, and attending conferences to better their teaching skills play a role in becoming an instructor.

If you are serious about being a group fitness instructor, the AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) has courses to start your certification today.

7-Stable Hand

For all you horse lovers out there, you know the exercise involved with caring for horses. If you like to be around horses and are looking to get paid for working out, then working in the stables is a good start.

What does a stable hand do? A stable hand helps with mucking (cleaning out) the stalls, feeding, watering/hay, and helping with the barn chores needed. Working in the stalls might not be the most glamorous job, but it will give you an incredible workout burning nearly 500 calories per hour.

Working in a stable will teach you how to care for horses so you can save up money to own a horse someday. If horses are your passion and you wanted to get started making money working out, then check out indeed.com and ZipRecruiter.com to find opportunities near you.

Some of the titles to help you search are barn helper, equine stall cleaner, assistant barn manager, stall assistant, and horse stall cleaner.

Getting paid to work out is a dream come true to many people. It’s amazing how simple that goal can be achieved when you look outside of the box. People will pay for hard work, and then they will pay more to work hard in different ways. Funny how that goes, huh?!

Finding a job that pays you to work out and keeps you active and healthy is totally worth it. You and your health should always be top priority!

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