39+ Best Work From Home Jobs in 2021

Work from Home Jobs

Are you looking for work from home jobs that are hiring today!? Check out over 39 ways to stay at home and make an extra side income, full-time income, or passive income. Find the best fit for a stay at home job and start making money!

Work from home jobs

In 2021 there is no better time to work from home. With the unfortunate loss of so many jobs in 2020, these stay at home jobs can give you the stability you are looking for.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, money is a mind game. Whether you make $30,000 or $100,000 a year, it is not about how much you make, but about how much you keep. Millionaires go broke every day.

Check out simple ways to save money in your everyday routine.

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Now that you know that it’s a game. Let’s play it better and make some money honey!

This list of 39+ jobs will help you make money, save money, get out of debt or keep you from going crazy <– (I am a stay at home mom, I get it!)

Best Work from Home Jobs: Perfect for the Stay at Home Mom


1. Freelance Writer

The word freelance means “you are self-employed and are hired by different companies to accomplish a certain job.”

To be a writer means… well you know how to write.

A freelance writer is hired to write niche articles, blog posts, reviews, news articles, emails, newsletters, research articles, speeches, and more.

Pro tips: Do you know how to write in different tones? Research, the company you’re applying for and identify the tone in their articles.

How do I even get started?! Here are 20 ways to find freelance writing jobs from the successful Elna Cain, who started as a stay at home mom a few years ago.

2. Teaching from Home

Who wants to get paid to stay in your sweat pants and visit China every morning?! These kids are beyond cute and make waking up early totally worth it!

Have you ever woken up early for work, just dreading the thought of going out in the cold and having to work? Find out the BEST and WORSE parts of working for VIPKID.

Teaching from home gives you the flexibility to make a schedule that works for you AND the comfort of working from home.

No more frosty mornings, scraping windows. No longer boring jobs that feel meaningless.

Just YOU and a sweet little kid (5-12) trying to learn English. Can you tell I love this stay at home mom job?!

If you are thinking about joining the VipKid Teacher club, then read this before you apply! Where I answer 10 newbie questions, I wish I knew BEFORE I started working.

VIPKID is the #1 teaching English Job in China. There is a fun and easy curriculum to follow that makes waking up early and teaching a breeze.

Work from Home with VipKid

But wait…

This is not to only way to teach online!

Are you passionate about a certain subject?! Study Pool has a 24/7 opportunity to help and tutor others on subjects you are confident in.

Nevertheless, several other teaching English companies have been recommended by people who actually work there. All are similar to VipKid but also have unique features that can fit your personality or schedule better.

  • Gogo Kid (#2 Most used program in China) *Highest recommended by employees other than VipKid
  • QKids
  • iTutor Group: open 24/7
  • Magic Ears
  • Dada ABC
  • SayABC
  • Outschool: You create your own curriculum
  • NativeCamp: Teaching people in Japan
  • Pal Fish: This is an app you download and teach on
  • 51talk: Teaching people in the Philipinnes *some employees have had bad experiences here, I encourage further research if you’re considering it.

3. Transcriptionist

Do you like to type? Then working as a transcriptionist is a perfect work from home job for you.

A transcriptionist is someone who converts live or audio recording into a readable format. This can be done with legal, medical, or any general type of business.

To learn more about some of the benefits, potential earnings, and skills needed to become a transcriptionist, click here and find if it is the perfect job for you.

Pro Tip: Remember that most jobs take time to learn the skill and investment for the products that help you succeed in that particular field. Here is a list of transcription equipment to plan for that will put you ahead when getting started in the transcription business.

4. Proofreading

We talked about freelance writing and transcribing, but what about proofreading? What is the difference?

Proofreading is the final check before a document is published. With proofreading, you will be checking for grammatical errors, misspelling, punctuation, and typos. Legal documents, news articles, college essays, books, speeches, magazines, and resumes are a few examples of what would be proofread.

Like some of the other jobs listed, this is freelance work. To remind you, freelance means when you are self-employed and are hired by different companies to accomplish a certain job.

How do I get started?

One of the leading recommended job search sites for freelance proofreading is Flexjobs. They provide hundreds of legitimate jobs that are safe to apply to. They do the background work, so you don’t have to. The downside to Flexjobs is they do charge $14.95 a month to have access to those jobs.

Don’t forget to check out the other great sites that give you freelance proofreading options.

Learn more about how to become a proofreader here.

5. Online Surveys

Do you want to get paid to watch videos? Take surveys? or review a new upcoming product? Swag Bucks and Inbox Dollars are the places to be. While surveys aren’t going to bring in the big bucks, they do bring in bucks. It’s not too bad to make money in your spare time, especially when the kids are sleeping or playing with friends.

These surveys can provide a little extra cash in your spare time.

Top 5 Best Online Survey companies:

Inbox Dollars- They offer a $5 bonus for signing up, and they pay in real cash and NOT points. So you can sign up and start earning money today.

Swag Bucks- They are currently offering a $10 sign up bonus. Swag Bucks pay in gift cards to cool places you often shop like Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

Survey Junkie- This pay system is structured to earn virtual points and be redeemed through PayPal or e-gift cards.

One Opinion- They also use a point system to redeem for cash or gift cards.

Pinecone Research- Earn points for every completed survey and redeem for cash and prizes.

As you can see, each survey company has its own unique payout methods. Doing a few surveys a day can make an extra $100- $300 a month on average. That is an extra $1,200 to $3,600 a year!

Pro Tips:

  • Sign up for several sites at once. The survey companies may offer a survey once a week and others once a month. It just depends on what they need.
  • Create a separate email address for all your survey work so you don’t get spammed with unwanted emails in your personal inbox.
  • Most surveys have pre-qualifying questions to make sure you fit the target audience the company wants to research on. If you don’t qualify, then you do not get paid for the survey.
  • Pick one financial debt or one financial goal you would like to put extra made money into. It will help see every little bit earned by paying off a bill or getting you closer to that dream vacation or a new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing.
  • BEWARE!! Of fraudulent companies asking you for credit card numbers or personal information just to get signed up.

6. Cash Back for Online Shopping

What is the real deal with cash back sites? Are they legit and are they worth the time?!

I signed up for Rakuten to see what the hype was about. This is how Rakuten (used to be called Ebates) works. Companies pay a certain amount for advertising. If someone is directing business to their store, that person or company will get paid a percentage.

Rakuten is that someone or company mentioned above, directing people to different stores online. If you shop through their link, then they will pay YOU a percentage of what they earn. It is a win-win.

What is the catch with Rakuten?

There really isn’t a catch to it. You get paid for buying things you would normally buy. Yes, it would help if you shop online, which means there can be shipping costs. You would be looking at saving 30¢ in exchange for spending $5 on shipping. That doesn’t make sense!

However, some stores ship for free, not to mention the glorious Amazon Prime free shipping. So when you utilize these services, you are saving money and time by not going into the store.

Pro Tip: You get a $10 sign up bonus IF you shop in the first 2 weeks. The holidays are here, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas around the corner. Wait until you are ready to shop before you sign up.

7. Pet Care

How many times have you thought, “I would love to have a pet! However, I don’t want to pay for it or clean up poop” I am with you!

As much as I love animals, they can be expensive!

Well, I can’t promise that you won’t clean up poop. However, I can promise that watching someone else’s pet will allow you to bond and MAKE MONEY doing it.

Here are the best two places to look online for pet care options so you can work from home.

Rover.com is a great place to start. They offer boarding, sitting, walking, daycare, and drop-in visits for Dogs and Cats.

Care.com is another great option. It provides care for a wide variety of animals and services that include boarding (at caregivers’ home), pet sitting (at the owners’ home), walking, and training.

8. Deliver Food

Money is time, and time is money. People are willing to pay money to have good food and save time. We all need to eat.

Delivering food has never been easier. With these simple steps, you could start making money today.

Check out the website, download the app. and apply today.

Check out these Top Food Delivery Jobs:

Door Dash– Get paid to pick up food from restaurants and deliver. Earn up to $18/hr

Uber Eats– A subsidiary company to Uber, Uber Eats pays you to pick up food from restaurants and deliver.

Postmates– Broadens the options of items to deliver. They include food, alcohol, and groceries to be picked up and delivered.

GrubHub– Serving over 100,000+ restaurants. GrubHub is a guru of the food delivery business. Pick Up food from restaurants and deliver.

Instacart– Here, there are two ways to make extra money shopping. 1- In-store shopper– shopping at the grocery store, bag and check out the items, then leave there for pick up. 2- Full-Service ShopperGrocery shop and deliver items. Instacart is known for its fast service.

Shipt– Same day delivery. Get paid to shop and deliver groceries. Paid weekly, up to $22/hr

9. Sell Stock Photos Online

Do you have hundreds or maybe thousands of photos in your photo graveyard?!

Now is the time to resurrect those photos!

You can make money by selling pictures to a bunch of online stock photo companies.

Stock Photos are pictures that can be used for anyone in need of that particular photo. There are free photos as well as paid photos through most companies.

You basically sell the rights to your photo and get paid each time your photo is used. With millions of users, the .25¢ to $5.00 per image adds up.

Here is a list of companies that sell and pay for stock photos:

10. “Trim” your monthly costs

Would you like to find out everything you are subscribed to in one text? Or how much you have spent at amazon this month?

Trim is a free financial app that will assist you in saving money and keeping track of finances.

No more hours on the computer and phone figuring out how to cancel those darn subscriptions! Just a simple text, and they will cancel any membership or subscription that is unwanted.

They will keep track, so you don’t have to. Don’t waste another dollar on surprise charges from auto-renewals or forgotten free trial costs. Trim will save you time and put money back into your account.

11. Airbnb Host

Americans spent $232 billion on lodging in 2018!

According to the US Travel Association, 21 percent of traveling is spent on lodging, including hotels/motels/B&B, vacation homes, and campgrounds.

So why not take a cut?

With 2.9 million hosts, Airbnb has ensured a safe and rewarding experience for the host and the traveler.

Find out how to become an Airbnb Host today.

12. Rent Extra Space or a Room

Not into having people stay at your house?!

That’s ok! You can make money from home by just renting out space.

Neighbor.com is your Airbnb for renting out space. Saving 50% off the cost of a typical storage unit.

They give options for boat, RV, car, and personal storage. Evaluate the space you have and put that space to work!

See how much you can make for your extra space!

13. Rent Out Car or RV

Most people want new expensive toys but have a hard time justifying the price. If you have or are looking to get an RV, renting it out throughout the year is the way to go.

At RVshare you will find it easier than ever to find people to rent your toys.

As for your car rental, Turo is at the top of the game for renting personal cars at a fraction of the car rental companies’ price.

14. Window Shopping

What? You can get paid to window shop? Sign me up!

Along with the money-saving and refund apps out there, there is a new app in town to make money in the form of kicks and gift cards.

Shopkick is an app you download on your device and open and go shopping. You earn kicks (points) and then can redeem them for gift cards.

Here are the 6 ways to earn kicks through Shopkick:

  1. Walk into stores
  2. Scan barcodes on select products
  3. Purchase and submit a receipt
  4. Purchase on a linked card
  5. Make an online purchase
  6. Watch videos

If your needing to get out of the house, open the app and go window shop at your favorite stores. Redeem for guiltless spending gift cards!

15. Driving with Lyft or Uber

While the kids are at grandma’s for the weekend, make extra money by driving around.

Think of it like driving your friend to the airport but this time you get paid for it.

Both of these reputable companies have taken over the expensive taxi business and provided safe, affordable transportation.

Find out more about Lyft and how to get started.

Start driving with Uber today!

16. Uber Works

Wait, Uber was already on the list?

Today you are going to learn that there is much more to Uber than just driving.

Uber has expanded its company to help people find work easily in other fields as well. Food prep, customer service, and more. They are connecting the needs of local businesses with qualified employees. Through the Uber app, you can pick up various shifts that are needed from local businesses.

Set your own schedule. Be your own boss.

Uber Work is not available in all areas. Their office is currently out of Chicago, and that is where they have launched.

Be the first to jump on board in your area! Find out more about Uber Works here

17. Child Care

If you are watching your own kids, then give them some friends to play with. Why not get paid to do what you are already doing?

It’s crazy how many times friends come over to our house for hours. It feels like childcare. I am feeding and watching them too but not getting paid!

Care.com and Sittercity.com are the top two sites where you can look for work opportunities in your area.

I have used Care.com for 3/4 of my childcare jobs. The work opportunities range from childcare, pet care, elderly care, tutoring, and more.

18. Virtual Assistant

This is the job I would choose to make a full-time income.

What does a virtual assistant do? What DON’T they do it a better question.

A virtual assistant (VA) provides online support to businesses. That means you can work from anywhere in the world!

VA’s help with several tasks, including social media, event or website management, email marketing, preparing reports, bookkeeping, travel reservations, and customer support.

Where do I find work?

Here are few ways to search for VA work from home jobs

Pro Tip: The most important qualities you need to be a VA are reliability, good communication, resourcefulness, and time-management skills.

For more information on how to become a Virtual Assistant.

19. Sell Old Books

If you have many old books in boxes or take up way too much room on your shelves, sell them. Please give them a new home and free up space in yours.

Bookscouter is the top online tool for selling books.

Find out what your books are worth and free up space today!

20. Freelance Services

Scrapbook design, waterscapes, jewelry, color design, tutoring, interpreting, teaching, writing, and more. There are hundreds of freelance services that are needed today.

While there are several online freelance job sites. Hiremymom.com is tailored to the working mom. Whether you are a stay at home mom or working at the office trying to transition to work from home, this is a great place to start.

Hiremymom.com is perfect for moms looking to work from home.

Looking to work from home? These freelance sites will get you a great start in that direction.

21. Get Paid to Do Laundry

We live in a fast pace world where laundry is slowing some of us down. And let’s be honest, it is not a lot of people’s favorite chore. So why not hire it out? That is where you come in.

With over 40 locations across the U.S., there is no doubt that Laundry Care is a legitimate need. Click here to see if they are in your area already. If not, be the first to start it!

How does it work?

Laundry Care is a laundry service that you basically pick up, wash/dry/fold, and drop off someone’s laundry. They connect you with clients and provide support in the area you are working in.

According to the owner, Adeline, Partners make between $100- $250 a week. Also noting that the more seasoned employees are making around $600 a week.

Find out more about Laundry Care and get washing today!

22. Amazon, eBay, and Flea Market Flipping

What is flipping? Flipping is buying something at a lower cost to resell for a profit.

The Flea Market Flippers make over $100,000 a year flipping and will teach you everything you need to know to become a flipper yourself. See HOW and WHAT they sold to make over $3,000 last month

Some of the top reselling items to look for: furniture, clothes, vintage T-shirts, power tools, books, and baby items. Reselling has never been easier with Amazon and eBay.

23. Write an E-Book

Have you always wanted to work from home and write? Do you have a talent or skill that can help others? Sometimes the daunting task of writing a book and wondering if it will get published is enough to stop most people.

By writing an e-book, you can fulfill your dreams of working from home, writing, and not having to worry about the publisher and overhead costs.

But how?

Writing an electronic book “e-book” is a great way to learn the entire writing process and a perfect creative outlet.

Here is a guide that will help you get started and it comes with free ebook templates!

Amazon Kindle, Blurb, and Nook Press by Barnes N Noble are also wonderful places to sell your e-book.

24. Online Course

If writing isn’t your thing, but you are passionate about a subject, teach an online course.

Working from home has never been easier, and so much of our education is moving online. So jump on the bandwagon and start an online course teaching others today!

Share your unique talents and experiences and be rewarded for it.

Teachable is an online platform that will help you create and sell your online course.

Are you camera shy? No problem!

The courses can even be offered in a PowerPoint format.

Udemy is another online course site you don’t want to miss. With 30 million students and 40,000 instructors, you can inspire students and make money from home.

Finally, Thinkific is another great resource to start working from home, making an online course to help others.

25. Blogging

Blogging is writing online about a certain subject. What once was used as an online journal is now a great work from home job that can generate a full-time income.

 HOW do you make money blogging? Through advertising on your website, sponsored posts, promoting a product, affiliate marketing (affiliate meaning an official contact or connection with a business), and/or selling your own courses (e-books, online courses) or products (printables, photos, etc.).

There are thousands of blogs that generate income. Here is an article that goes over 50 blogging income reports ranging from $2,000 – $1,000,000 a month.

Want to get started? Here are 8 steps to start a blog today!

26. Refunds with Paribus

You may be owed $5, $10, or even $100 dollars right now!

Paribus is a program that scans your online receipts to find item prices that have been lowered.

When the store drops their prices, they owe you money, and Paribus is like your great uncle Tony that has got your back!

This company is created by Capital One and has several security measures to keep your private information safe.

Pro Tip: If you are uncomfortable granting a company access to your personal email, make a new separate email account. Just forward your online receipts and start making money back.

27. Referral Marketing

The best advertisement is by word of mouth.

That is why so many companies will pay you incentives to open your mouth and get others to join or sign up.

The Rakuten referral program is a simple, straightforward program that can easily add up!

28. Sell Your Clothes

If you are looking to make extra money, look in your closet?

Here are a few ways to make money off of your closet.

Poshmark is a fun way to connect with other people, sell, and shop. Just take a picture of your clothing item, upload it, and share it. With their pre-paid shipping label, it’s a no brainer to sell your clothes here.

ThredUp is another company that buys and sells secondhand clothes online. However, they are the ones inspecting and selling your clothes.

With these three easy steps from ThedUp, you can make money while your making room in your closet.

29. Affiliate Marketing

Before you skip to the next job, hear me out. Affiliate marking is a game-changer when it comes to making money online. Check out how Michelle made $50,000+ in one month on affiliate marketing! In fact, affiliate marking is consistently her #1 source of income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you have a blog, website, social media following, podcast, youtube channel, or a large network, you miss out on thousands if you haven’t tapped into affiliate marketing.

Just do a google search of any brand or site + affiliate, and you will find the affiliate programs they provide.

Amazon is one of your number 1 affiliate source programs because you can link and sell almost anything! The downside is they don’t pay out as much as the actual site.

30. Amazon FBA Seller

Is an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) seller worth it? This article really helped me understand the costs and benefits of becoming an Amazon FBA seller.

Do you have a great product or idea you would love to sell? Amazon makes it easy to take care of the middle man!

It is important to weigh the costs and benefits of using the Amazon name and their effective 2-day shipping benefits.

This is one man’s journey of how he started selling on Amazon and made over $4,000 in his first month.

31. YouTube Channel

Start with step 1: Create a YouTube Channel

After that is step 2: Once you hit 1,000 subscribers, opt-in for Monetization.

Next is step 3: Connect with AdSense or an advertisement company.

Finally comes step 4: Affiliate marketing, referrals, and ads can all be used to make money from home on YouTube.

What I love about YouTube is that the sky is the limit! Do you have a million toys? Play-doh? Do you know how to change a light bulb? Millions of kids and adults and learning and being entertained every day by YouTube.

Think simple! And start creating!

32. Etsy Shop

Etsy is an online community to buy and sell home-made, hand-made, or vintage goods. It’s basically for the crafting mom who wants to sell their products and work from home.

Arts, crafts, jewelry, design work, home goods, artisan candies, printables, and baked goods are great things to sell on Etsy.

How much can I make?

The average yearly salary for a full-time Etsy seller is $40,000. And that goes with the average price of $25 per sold unit.

Keep in mind that to sell on Etsy, the company charges $0.20 per item listed and 3.5% per item sold.

Find out more about selling on Etsy here!

Tip: I am not very crafty myself, but I could learn to master one or two crafts, and I bet you could too!

33. Voice Over Actor

Get paid to work from home, act, and tap into your creative side. It seems like a dream come true. If you have a talent for using your voice, I would suggest looking for work in this field.

If you don’t have a natural talent (like me) with your voice but want to learn, here is a step by step guide (with pictures) to get you started on your voice over acting career!

Once you are confident with your voice over abilities, head over to Upwork, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, or Indeed to find what work from home jobs. You can start today as a voice-over artist.

34. Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Do you have a passion for real estate? You can do this work from a home job while your kids are little, giving you experience in real estate transactions.

What is a Transaction Coordinator?

A transaction coordinator, or TC, is a real estate professional who assists a real estate agent or works independently to manage all the paperwork involved during the transaction. Some of these duties include: filing escrow, coordinating inspections, monitoring the contingency period, and filing any additional documents needed in the selling process.

At transactioncoordinatoracademy.com, you will find courses, coaching, and mastermind intensives to get you started on the right foot.

They also have a Facebook community group to ask real questions to people who currently work from home as a transaction coordinator.

Real estate agents get bogged down by all the paperwork and transactional work. If you learn these skills, there will always be a job for you out there!

35. Book Keeping

Are you a number and money kind of gal?! I know some wives are the ones who keep track of the finances at home. If you do and you love doing it, bookkeeping is the perfect work from home job for you.

No degree is required.

A bookkeeper is a person who manages company finances. They monitor income and expenses, profits and losses, payroll, company budgeting, petty cash, inventory, and more. Being a bookkeeper requires honesty, proficiency with computers and spreadsheets, and the ability to be meticulous with numbers.

Learn more about bookkeeping and if it’s the right job for you from Callie Sitek. As the creator of thesmartkeep.com, she made her passion for numbers and bookkeeping into a business to help other working moms.

She takes out the stress of managing finances so entrepreneurs can focus on what they love most.

Here is an interview with Callie Sitek, where she gets real about how much it pays and how she got started.

36. Photography

Family pictures, wedding pictures, newborn and individual pictures are always in need. You can make around $25-$300 a basic session and $300-$3,000 per wedding.

Special occasions to think about marketing for:

  • Anniversary parties
  • Graduation
  • Missionary farewell
  • Baptism
  • Quinceanera
  • Birthday parties
  • Bridals
  • Engagement
  • Receptions
  • Headshots for business or modeling/acting
  • Passport photos
  • Maternity
  • Birth of a child
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements for small businesses

As you work hard on perfecting your craft, you will be able to charge more money with time and experience. Your portfolio and clientele will help make the income you desire.

Here is a great step by step guide to becoming a photographer today

37. Paid to Lose Weight

Are you serious about getting healthy? I didn’t ask if you wanted to be healthy. I asked if you are serious about getting healthy.

There are companies out there ready to help you put your money where your mouth is.

You basically place a bet on yourself to achieve your goals. The more weight you lose, the higher the winnings. Here are two websites that pay you to lose weight.

Check out healthywage.com and dietbet.com

38. Sell Food

If losing weight isn’t your passion, maybe making food is! There are so many talented women out there that make amazing meals every day.

On the contrary, so many moms need to cook three meals a day for picky kids and need help! (like me)

Whether it is a cookbook, cooking class, food menu, or preparing and selling dinner or dessert, we all could benefit from it!

If you are interested in selling your recipes, here is a guide to get you started

Making a recipe book would be a dream come true! Just think about having all your family favorites recipes in one place?! Here is how to start a recipe ebook.

You’re not into the techy stuff and just want to cook?!

Perfect!! There is a great stay at home mom job for you!

Ladies in my community make money every month by simply just cooking from home. From traditional sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cooked chicken, soup, caramel apples, and rolls, there is no limit to what you can make and sell.

Working from home and making food has never been easier! Make extra money while you make dinner!

39. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Are you wanting to make money and stay at home?

Is your dream to work while you travel the world?

Then this is the job for you!

The blogging world is booming, which means there has never been more of a need for Pinterest VA’s!

Pinterest is a whole new world. And for many people, it is their main source of traffic. Which means it’s their main source of income. It is important! When you master Pinterest, you will find people who need your help!

Check out this free workshop and testimonials about becoming a Pinterest VA.

40. Health Coach

What is a health coach exactly?!

A health coach helps clients feel their best physically and mentally through food and lifestyle changes to meet their personal needs.

Learn from Lisa Bryan, a health coach, 4 things to consider before becoming a health coach.

If coaching is something you already want to do, check out Lisa’s 5 tips to becoming a successful health coach.

A Few More Work from Home Jobs to consider

  • Marie Kondo your house and sell everything you don’t need!
  • Mow lawns, yard or garden care
  • Scoping– is editing transcripts for court reporters- training required
  • Medical coding– analyzes clinical documents and assigns standard codes using a classification system.- training required
  • Drop-Shipping– Create an online store with Shopify.com
  • Social Media Influencer– Create a following and get paid to advertise

Final Thoughts

I don’t believe in easy money. You may win the lottery or get an inheritance, but that is not what I am talking about. Working hard, getting out of debt, creating savings, and having financial security IS the goal.

When you work from home, you are selling yourself! Your talents and abilities to be proficient in a particular area.

Whether you are walking dogs or are a virtual assistant to big-time CEOs, you need to discover your greatness and be the best in your field.

“The BEST dog walker on the west of the Mississippi!”

However, that is where you will make expert money even working from home. People will pay for your talents, and in return, you will give them a service worth paying the premium for.

So read books or listen to audios, study blogs, listen to a podcast, join groups, ask around, and become a master in your field today!

Do you know someone who works from home and loves their job? What other stays at home mom jobs have you done? I would love to hear from you!

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