10 Stay at Home Mom Jobs in Detail

Working From Home as a Stay at Home Mom Job

Get an inside look into how to get started working from home. Here you will learn what stay at home mom jobs are available and how much you can make and where to get started. There is no better time to work from home then after this crazy year. These work from home jobs are perfect for the stay-at-home mom.

Stay at home mom jobs with blogging

A detailed look into 10 stay-at-home mom jobs you can start today!

Being a stay at home mom can feel OVERWHELMING sometimes, especially when you add a stay at home mom JOB in the mix.

However, with every tantrum and paycheck comes a beautiful little smiling child and a bill paid that washes the stress away.

For the moment anyway. I love being home with my kids!

What I don’t love is

struggling with bills.

Or feeling like there is nothing I can do to help my situation. I don’t love wondering if we can pay off our credit cards each month. Likewise, you probably aren’t the biggest fan of those things either.

That is why you are here to take action and find a way to support your family’s income while raising those sweet little kids of yours.

I do not believe in the Get Rich Quick method.

Get practical advice from moms just like you, who understand the struggles with balancing work and children.

Working + Hustle = Serious Money.

You CAN get out of debt, pay off your student loans, build savings, go on that dream vacation, or even feel comfortable going out to eat when you don’t feel like cooking when you stop making excuses and start making money.

Taking control of your life and your finances is the best gift you can give yourself.

Don’t miss the bonus work from home job options at the bottom!

Here are the TOP ten stay at home mom jobs.


1- Child Care

Playing in Mud Childcare for Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Do you have kids? If you do, you are probably already making meals and playing duck-duck-goose with them all day.

Why not get paid to have a friend come over and play each week?

Whether you are looking for extra side income, flexibility, or a full-time income, you can do it all working from home with childcare.

Where do I get started with childcare?

I have used Care.com for 3/4 of my childcare jobs.

Whether you are looking for childcare, pet care, elderly care, or tutoring, care.com has it all.

Another way to find childcare is Facebook. There is usually a community page that helps connect you with people in your area.

Type your city name in the search section, and check for a community page.

Beware of scammers.

Occasionally, messages are sent directly to my phone or email from scammers.

The messages are similar and usually say they want you to watch their child, and they are from out of town and will write you a check before to ensure your position.

Please don’t fall for it.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

How much can I make in childcare?

On average, you can charge $10-20 an hour for personal childcare. In other words, you are watching one particular family or child, usually at the client’s home.

For in-home childcare, where you take care of the kids at your home (like a daycare setting), you can make, on average, $30-40 per child a day.

Providing childcare helps other moms work or reach their goals while giving them the peace of mind that their child is safe.

This stay at home mom job also helps achieve your financial goals.

2- Teach Online English

VipKid Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Teaching for VipKid was a suggestion I found on a blog while looking for stay at home mom jobs.

Is teaching English online a legitimate job?

What is the best and worst part of teaching with VipKid?

Do you need to be a teacher?

Can I really wear my sweat pants to work?

VipKid is the #1 teaching English company in China.

Check out more information about VipKid to get started.

The best part of working for VipKid is you don’t need to pay for expensive baby sitters!

Are you recently divorced or a single mom? (I have been both) VIPKID is an excellent option for full-time income at $20/hr from the comfort of your home. Set your schedule to fit your needs!

Where do I get started teaching english online?

  • Go to VipKid.com and apply. You can use my referral code DAWN00161
  • Message me, and I will personally help you with the next steps, how to pass your mock interview and how to get booked.

However, the options are endless. Check out these other teaching English companies that are recommended by people who work there. All of them are similar to VipKid but have a few unique features that might fit your personality or schedule better.

Stay at home mom jobs Teaching English Online

How much can I make teaching English online?

As seen above, with a broad range of companies, you can look to make, on average, $15 to $25 an hour.

What requirements are there for teaching English online?

  • Experience teaching for a year. (If you have toddlers that you have taught, then you got it)
  • A bachelor’s in any field can help increase your income but not required.
  • Most companies require a TESOL but provide training within the company (like VipKid), or it is a class that can costs around $20 on Groupon.
  • A happy, engaging personality that provides a safe, positive learning environment for the student.

Sign up for VipKid and start teaching from home today!

3. Photography

We live in a digital world where pictures are needed everywhere!

Do you love taking pictures? Photography is a stay at home mom job that is perfect for you!

If you are new to the online or the blogging world, you may not realize the need for fresh new pictures and images every day. A resource to fulfill this need is online stock photos.

Job 1: Stock Photos

Stock Photos are a group of pictures that anyone can use either for free or at a small price.

To make money with stock photos, you sell the rights to an image and get paid each time your image is used.

Selling stock photos is a great side hustle that can provide extra cash for doing what you love.

Where do I get started selling stock photos?

First, start taking pictures. Ok before you do that, do a little research or answer these questions.

  • What kind of photos are the companies looking for? (Browse through some of the sites that are linked below.)
  • Which style of photo’s do you enjoy taking?
  • What quality of photos do they need to be?

Secondly, here is a great article that gives you 78 tips on everything you need to know about stock photography.

Just remember you don’t have to drop everything and travel to an exotic place to get a beautiful shot.

Just KISS it. (keep it simple sweetheart)

Take a picture of a book on a table or a computer. Most advertisers want everyday scenes.

With today’s impressive phone cameras, you can take an ordinary picture on your cell phone, crop it, add an awesome preset, and boom. You have a great photo that someone needs.

Check out these Top stock photo websites:

Some other places that would be worth looking into are Pixabay, UnsplashPexels, and Stocksnap.io.

How much can I make selling stock photos?

Selling stock photo compensation can be quite varied, depending on the company you choose. Some companies like 500px Prime or Shuttershock pay up to $100 per image download. However, more commonly, other companies range from .25¢ – $5.00 per download per month.

With millions of users on each site, those quarters will add up to make you a nice side income.

Here is more info on how to make $500 a month with stock photography.

Want other ideas to make money with photography?!

Job 2: Amateur Photographer:

Family pictures, wedding pictures, newborn and individual photos are always in need. On average, you can earn $25-$300 a basic session and $300-$3,000 per wedding.

Special Occasions to think about or market for:

  • Anniversary parties
  • Graduation
  • Missionary farewell
  • Baptism
  • Quinceanera
  • Birthday parties
  • Bridals
  • Engagement
  • Receptions
  • Headshots for business or modeling/acting
  • Passport photos
  • Maternity
  • Birth of a child
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements for small businesses


  • Textured backgrounds. Remodel that room you have always been wanting to change.
  • Lighting is Everything! Learn how to work with and manipulate light.
  • Scout out great natural setting near you
  • Create a portfolio where people can see your work
  • Ask for feedback

Job 3: Photo Editor

Many busy professional photographers need help with photo editing.

With 100’s or 1,000’s photos, the editing process is done at your convenience, day, night, or naptime, so you can create a schedule that works for you.

Call around to some local photographers and see if there is something you can do from home to help!

For online photo editing, Fixthephoto.com edits photos and offer a great job that works around your schedule at home as well.

4- Social Media Influencer/Manager

Social Media stay at home mom jobs

I introduced my mom to social media at the age of 64, right after getting her first cell phone. Can you imagine? I think I got my first phone at 14!

There is no question that social media has a powerful influence over people, and with its millions of users, there is money to be made.

Companies are spending around $50 billion a year on social media advertising. That even surpasses television advertising!

Job 1: Social Media Influencer

It sounds so vain, right? Who am I to be an influencer?

If your thinking that, you probably don’t realize the impact you already have on the people around you.

Moms tend to get stuck in a world of kids, but we forget that we all have a social network of friends and family. Whether you have 100 or 1,000 people following you, people are looking for tips and advice from people they know and trust.

How much can I make as a influencer?

Here is a little social lingo to help you wrap your head around the idea of a stay at home mom working as a social influencer.

A micro-influencer has between 2,000-100,000 followers.

A social media micro-influencer makes, on average, $100 – $250 per Instagram post. 

Once you hit 100,000+ followers, you can charge $1,000’s of dollars per job or post.

For example:

  • Stay at home, mom moved away from family and friends and needed an outlet.
  • Her passion is interior design. She has worked in high-end designer stores before kids.
  • With no design license or degree, she started a blog and Instagram 3 years ago.
  • Posted images of her beautifully designed 1,200 Sq ft home.
  • She grew a following of 300,000+ currently and is still going.
  • She makes over $100,000 a year!
  • By doing remodels, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. WHAT?!?!

In the last room she remodeled, she was paid $5,000 to say she used everything from “Lowes or Home Depot” and received free products to do the remodel and a sponsored post! A pretty sweet gig for doing what you love!


Social media can be the ultimate time-waster or used purposely and methodically for your benefit. Find a good balance. (I know I still work on that)

Learn more about how to get your first 1,000 followers.

Job 2: Social Media Manager

A social media manager is in charge of representing a company through social media networks. They respond to comments, create advertising campaigns and content to keep their audience engaged.

According to payscale.com and glassdoor.com, the average pay range is between $34,000 to $81,000 a year. For hourly work, it is, on average, $10-$25 an hour.

This job has a wide variety of requirements depending on the company size and needs.

Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, or side income, there is an option in social media managing for you.

Some requirements may include:

  • a bachelor’s in marketing or communications
  • proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • leadership
  • self-discipline.

How do I get started as a social media manager?

  • Start with these online job search sites, glassdoor.com, and payscale.com.
  • Local classified section
  • LinkedIn
  • Search social media channels for managers needed


When approaching a business, research before you go in.

Pull up their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin accounts and be prepared to give them a solution for what they are lacking and how you can help them.

Your first impression is the interview; you got this girl!

5- Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys-Making extra on the side

Taking paid surveys will not make you rich, but it can legitimately make you extra money with minimal time and experience.

After searching through several websites and personal recommendations, these are the top 5 paid survey sites.

How much can I make with paid surveys?

Each survey company has unique payout methods. Doing a few surveys a day allows you to make an extra $100- $300 a month on average.

That is an additional $1,200 to $3,600 a year!

Do they pay in actual money or gift cards?

Inbox Dollars– They offer a $5 bonus for signing up, and they pay in real cash and NOT points. So you can sign up and start earning money today.

Swag Bucks– They are currently offering a $10 sign up bonus. Swag Bucks pay in gift cards to cool places you often shop like Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

Survey Junkie– This pay system is structured to earn virtual points redeemed through PayPal or e-gift cards.

One Opinion- They also use a point system to redeem for cash or gift cards.

Pinecone Research- Earn points for every completed survey and redeem for cash and prizes.


  • Sign up for several sites at once. The survey companies may offer a survey once a week and others once a month. (depending on their needs)
  • Create a separate email address for all your survey work so you don’t get spammed with unwanted emails in your personal inbox.
  • Most surveys have pre-qualifying questions to make sure you fit the target audience the company wants to research on. If you don’t qualify, then you do not get paid for the survey.
  • Pick one debt or goal you would like to put extra money towards achieving. It helps to see every little bit earned is paying off a bill or getting you closer to that dream vacation.

Beware of scammers!

The companies mentioned above are all legitimate and safe to work with.

Do NOT give out your credit card information to get signed up, and be cautious of what private information you give.

Always do additional research.

6- Proofreading

It’s was midnight with only 24 hrs left till the application to my Master’s program was due. Being out of the education system for years now, I didn’t have anyone to look over my essay.

Desperate for help and with little time left, I paid $50 to an online company to have a real person proofread my article.

A proofreader reads over various documents ranging from student essays, like mine, to self-published novels, newsletters, blog posts, speeches, and articles.

If reading is a strong quality or passion of yours and you understand basic grammar rules, this is an excellent stay at home mom job for you!

How much can I make as a proofreader?

A freelance proofreader usually charges per page and can make, on average, $3 per page depending on readability and skill level. As you build a portfolio of quality work, you will be able to set a price based on your experience. You are making, on average, $10- $45 an hour.

The best part of this job is to make good money and make your own schedule as you market yourself as a freelance proofreader.

Annual salary of Proofreader according to Payscale.com
Source: Payscale.com

Where to find a job proofreading?

Take some time to find the right person or company that needs your help. A few online services to find Proofreading work are:

Grammarly was the service I used to proofread my Master’s application, and it was a great experience.

If you are interested in legitimate companies and proofreading services, check out Proofreading as a profession and 33 companies you can look into today.

7- Laundry service

No, I am not talking about working at the dry cleaners!

Laundry Care pays you to do what you are already doing as a stay-at-home mom…laundry!

Stay at Home Mom jobs with Laundry Care

We live in a fast pace world where laundry is slowing some of us down.

And let’s be honest; it is not a lot of people’s favorite chore.

So why not hire it out?

With over 40 locations across the U.S., there is no doubt that Laundry Care is a legitimate need. See if they are in your area already? If not, you can be the first to start it!

How does Laundry Care work?

Laundry Care is a laundry service that provides you with clients and support in your area.

  • Pick up a bag of laundry,
  • Wash, dry, and fold
  • drop off a bag of clean laundry.
  • Get paid

How do I get started with Laundry Care?

First, you apply for the job. Then you have an interview and get hired.

Once hired, you will need to purchase a $150 starter kit. This kit includes a website, business cards, laundry material, and a handbook.

I always do better when I am not surprised by an extra cost, especially when I am trying to MAKE money.

Treated as a business owner, you will be a Provider or Partner for your area.

How much can I make?

According to the owner, Adeline, Partners make, on average, between $100- $250 a week. More seasoned employees are making around $600 a week.

A regular bag (about three loads), costs the client $35, and for an extra-large bag, it’s $65.

You make 60% of what they charge the clients, so about $20 – $40 per bag of washed laundry.

This stay at home mom’s job couldn’t be more natural!

Click here to get started today!

8- Make and Sell Product on Etsy

Make and Sell Crafts on Etsy

I used to think there were only two kinds of moms ones that craft and the ones that don’t.

But I believe it is more of a spectrum now. I am not very crafty, but when I am trying to make money, you better believe I can learn how to create and sell a few things.

Selling on Etsy is one of the best stays at home mom jobs because you can start your career today.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online community to buy and sell home-made, hand-made, or vintage goods.

What can you sell on Etsy?

Arts, crafts, jewelry, design work, home goods, artisan candies, printables, and baked goods are all items you can sell on Etsy.

In other words, anything that you can make and sell.

How much can I make?

The average yearly salary for a full-time Etsy seller is $40,000. That is based on the average price of $25 per sold unit.

Etsy charges $0.20 per item listed and 3.5% per item sold.


  • Time how long it takes to make your product and how much it costs. You need to make sure the price matches the time and effort.
  • Create printables or digital downloads. These are typically not your higher-priced items, but they are nice to create them once and earn an income.
  • Make your pictures bright and clickable.
  • Make a website so repeat clients can find more of what they like from you with LESS distraction from other sellers.

There are other online shops to make and sell crafts, but with a safe reputation, ease of setting up, and customer support, Etsy takes the cake as your best option when starting.

9- Bake/Cook for Neighbors

Good food is worth paying for. Just ask any restaurant out there. There will always be a high demand for food.

Stay at home mom job selling food

How do I earn money cooking?

Several ladies are making money from home by selling food. And the cool thing is they are doing it tailored to their unique interests and talents.

Here are 3 examples of how you can work from home selling food.

Mom 1: The Baking Mom

Example 1: Stacey is a mom of 6 girls! The age ranges from 12- 3 years old. With two sets of twins, this mom is busy! She used to work at a bakery and LOVES to bake. She makes artisan bread, cookies, and incredible cinnamon rolls.

First, when there is extra time, she posts on Facebook what she is making and when she is making it. She gives the options of cinnamon, orange, and raspberry rolls, which ups her sales because of variety.

Then, the orders come rolling in.

Lastly, she limits the number of fresh cinnamon rolls for pick up and freezes the rest. After posting the pick-up time, she provides a pan, frosting, and instructions to cook at home.

Let’s talk numbers.

An order of cinnamon rolls is $8 for a pan of 6.

On average, she sells 60 orders. 60 orders x $10 a pan = $600 in sales

Now, let’s minus COGS (costs of goods sold) and take off approximately $3 per pan for the cost of material, and you are looking at 60 x $7 = $420 in gross profit!

Not bad for a few days of work, doing what you love, and still spending time with your sweet kids.

Mom 2: Grilling Meats Mom

Example 2: Caitlyn is a mom of five children, ranging from 14-4 years old (the youngest are twins). She grew up in the country and loved to grill and cook. Meats and her go together like peanut butter and jelly. She sells meat and side dishes to complete a delicious home-cooked meal.

First, when she has extra time, she posts on Facebook what she will be cooking and when. She often does survey polls to find out what her clients want more of.

Then the orders start coming in.

Finally, since her meals are fresh, she knows her cooking capacity. The orders always cap out.

Let’s explore her numbers.

One of the meals is solely grilled garlic herb chicken. It serves eight and costs $22. With capping out at 17 orders x $22 = $374 of sales

Remember to factor in product costs or COGS. She spends approximately $10 on meat and materials (when buying in bulk), so she is making 17 orders x $12 = $204 gross profit.

You are already cooking for your family. Why not prepare for the neighbors and make extra money?

Mom 3: Grandma’s Homemade Meals

Example 3: Brenda is an elderly lady working from home to help her and her husband’s financial situation as he suffers from complications due to a stroke. She is active in the community and makes the best meals.

First, she makes her meal plan and posts then to a Facebook community page. She doesn’t have a business page of her own but is still able to reach many people.

Stay at home mom jobs cooking with Brenda

Then, she receives the orders. Her’s are a bit more complicated because she does a different soup every day. Here is an example of her post.

You may or may not have time to cook ALL DAY, but this gives you an excellent example of what you can work towards if cooking is your thing.

Let’s check out her numbers!

She sold out 3 of the 5 days this week. Let’s go over how much she made on one sold-out day.

14 quarts of soup x $7 = $98, 5 loaves of bread x $5 = $25, 8 dozen cinnamon rolls x $8 = $64, 7 dozen cookies x $7 = $49

$98 + $25 + $64 + $49 = $236 in sales for 1 day! Taking away approximately $50 for COGS and you are looking at $186 gross profit.

How much can I make?

You can make, on average, $50- $200 a day baking. That is an extra $1,000 – $4,000 a month!

Selling food is a stay-at-home mom job that can benefit you and your family physically (yum, yum) and financially ($$).

  • Which cooking job fits your personality the best?
  • What is your favorite food to cook for the family?
  • Out of these three examples, which one makes the most money?
  • How much time and effort goes into making each item?

10- Start a Blog

Stay at home mom jobs with blogging

For one of the stays at home mom jobs, this is another excellent option you can start today.

 Blogging is a fun, creative outlet that can make a full-time income.

You can find out what is blogging, and how does it make money here!

Do you have a friend who started a blog and posted articles about their thoughts and feelings? That was how blogging started. It has since there skyrocketed to this amazing platform that connects people online.

How do you make money blogging?

The most common ways to make money through blogging is by advertising on your website, sponsored posts to promote a product, Affiliate marketing (affiliate meaning an official contact or connection with a business), or selling personal courses or products.

If you still can’t wrap your head around the idea of blogs making a full-time income?

Fortunately, many online bloggers are willing to post their monthly income to prove that it is a real business and quite lucrative in some cases.

Does it take time? Yes.

Is it hard to do? That depends on how tech-savvy you are, but yes.

Can it replace my full-time job and help me to work from home or remotely and, more importantly, provide time to stay home with my kids? Absolutely!

There are thousands of blogs that generate income. Here is an article that goes over 50 blogging income reports ranging from $2,000 – $1,000,000 a month.

Whether you have a passion for knitting or personal fitness, there is money in blogging for you!

Just remember…

Work + Hustle = Serious Income

Blogging is a job where learning is essential. Google will become your best friend as you research every question, big and small.

How much can I make?

An average salary is $32,581, according to Glassdoor.

stay at home mom job salary for blogging
Source: Glassdoor

It is important to know a few things when considering blogging as a career.

  1. It takes a lot of time, persistence, and dedication if you want to make serious money.
  2. Blogging is a great creative outlet that allows you to work from home.
  3. This world is going online! It’s how we connect and research. Making a blog is a great way to contribute to the knowledge and experience out there in the world.

BONUS stay at home mom jobs options:

Check out these jobs and more on 39 work from home jobs and 20 Business Startups for Women.

  • Health Coach– Do you know about clean eating and have a passion for fitness?
  • Bookkeeper- There is plenty of companies that need help with their books. The trick is finding the one that is the best fit.
  • Freelance writer- Do you love to write? With so many things going online, writing from home is a great option. There are blogs, news, magazines, and journals. We all need your help.
  • Travel Agent- Do you love to travel and plan?
  • Rent out space in your home with Neighbor.com
  • Rent your car with Turo.com
  • Flip items on eBay- If you are a garage sale queen, you know there are many things people get rid of for cheap or for free. Flip them!
  • Mow a neighbors’ Lawn– Yes, it can be a job for your kids, but you can make a quick $20-$30 by just putting in some labor.
  • Marie Kondo, your life and sell all that STUFF that is weighing you down. “Thank it,” let it go and make some money back.
  • Rent your RV– If you have an RV or if you want one. It is a great way to make extra money or make your monthly payments.
  • Get paid to lose weight!– This app is probably the most fun way to make money. You place a bet on yourself to achieve your goals. The more weight you lose, the higher the winnings. Here are two websites that pay you to lose weight. Check out healthywage.com and dietbet.com.

Final Thoughts

Ask yourself how can you provide a service someone wants?

People are willing to spend money to save time and trouble or solely for entertainment. Think about your skills and talents. I know you have way more SKILLS than you give yourself credit for.

Work is always an effort and is sometimes hard. However, so is not having enough money!

Make money so you can make more memories with your babies!

Go out and CRUSH it as a working and stay-at-home mom!

Dawn R. Harrison Signature

Which one of these stay at home mom jobs would work best for you? Which work from home job are you nervous about starting and want more information on?

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